Adding text

You can place text anywhere on your layout plan, for example to label features or make notes to yourself.

To add text #

  1. Find the Ribbon INSERT tab, and click Add Text.

  2. Click in the work area.

  3. Enter your text and press Enter.

NOTE: Depending on the scale of your drawing, the initial text may be very small. To change the size, left-click the text, and set the size in the Ribbon.
NOTE: To create a newline, use SHIFT-Enter.

To change the appearance #

  • Left-click on the text and select one of the options from the Ribbon TEXT tab.

To edit existing text #

  • Double-click the text.

To move the text #

  • Place the cursor on the text, left-click and hold to drag the text.
You can also add names to sections of track. See Working with Sections.