Closing gaps

If you use sectional track, you’ll often find that it’s difficult to make a perfect fit when your design becomes more complex.

Some manufacturers provide all sorts of filler track just for this purpose.

Sometimes you can make the track fit by using the play (wiggle room) in the track. While this can be considered cheating, sometimes you don’t even notice that you’re doing just that when laying real track.

In AnyRail, you can cheat a little bit as well.

In general, to close a small gap, you can often disconnect a stretch of track and rotate it one or two degrees to make your plan fit.

To close a gap #

  1. Switch off Autoconnect in the SETTINGS tab. When you do that, track will no longer jump into position, but will be left just where you dropped it. If there is another piece of track within the tolerances (defined in the SETTINGS tab) a connection will be made to it.

  2. Disconnect a stretch of track and rotate it one or two degrees so it will fit.

  3. Put the track back in place and make sure to connect the outer ends.

  4. Turn Autoconnect back on.

NOTE: Only resort to this technique after you’ve tried to make your track plan fit properly.