FILE tab, 2D view

This in fact is not a real tab. It is the backstage button.

Click it to open.

FILE tab 2D

NewStart a new layout
SaveSave the layout
Save AsSave the layout by a new name
OpenOpen an existing layout from disk
3D ViewSwitch to a 3D view
InfoInfo on your current design
Recent designsThe files you have opened most recently
PrintPrint the layout or change print settings
Export asExport the layout in various formats
HelpHelp, updates, and registration
OptionsProgram options
ExitQuit the program
LanguagesChange to another language
RegisterRegister the software with your license key. Only available when you’ve not already registered

Info #

Click Info to find these options.


List of materialsThe list of all elements used in your track plan
List of sectionsThe list of sections you defined for your track plan
List of labelsThe list of labels you gave to items, such as turnouts

Recent designs #

Click Recent designs to see the files you recently used.

Print #

Click Print to find these options.


PrintPrint the plan
CopiesThe number of copies to print
Portrait/LandscapeThe paper orientation
Suppress empty pagesDo not print pages with nothing on it
SelectionPrint only what is selected in the plan
Print scaleSet the print scale in various ways
Print alignment markersPrint markers on the page corners to make it easier to align them
Print date/time and namePrint this info on each page
Print SetupSetup printer, paper size, etc.

Export as #

Click the Export As button to find these options.

Export as

PictureCreate a picture of your plan
3D FileCreate a 3D file that can be imported in most 3D viewers
Trainplayer export fileCreate a file that can be interpreted by Trainplayer. Trainplayer is a program to simulate running trains that can be found here: Trainplayer
JMRI Layout fileCreates a file that can be opened in JMRI PanelPro. More info is here: JMRI

Help #

Click the Help button to find these options.


HelpOpen this documentation
AnyRail WebsiteGo to the AnyRail website
OptionsOpen the options dialog
Autosave folderOpen the folder with the automatically saved files. Use this function in case AnyRail stopped or was stopped in an unexpected way, and you want to recover the layout you were working on
Check for updatesContact the AnyRail server and see if there are any updates
Update optionsSet the automatic update function
RegisterRegister the software with a license key

Options #

This button opens a new window where you can set additional options.

General options #

Small track iconsCheck to make the track libraries smaller. This is useful for preserving screen estate
Short tooltipsCheck to display concise tooltips when hovering library items
Center work areaUncheck to draw the work area in the left upper corner of the screen. Check to center the work area
Border widthThe border width when not having a centered work area
Show splash screenShow the logo while starting the program

Libraries #


Select the scales for which you want to use the track and object libraries.

Colors #


Set the default colors for the various types of items. The slider is to change the transparency.

User objects #

User objects
Move…Move your user objects to another folder
Change…Set a new folder for your user objects
WARNING: Only change values here when you know what you’re doing. You may lose access to your user objects.

Languages #


Select your preferred language from the drop down box.

Set the folder with additional language files if they are not in the default location. For normal operation, this is never necessary.