With the trial version, you can freely use AnyRail for small layouts of up to 50 elements.

If you want to go beyond that, you need to buy a license key that unlocks the software and lifts this restriction.

To register, first buy a license on our website.

You will immediately receive an email stating your registered user name and license key.

To register AnyRail #

  1. Open the FILE tab, and click Register.


  2. Copy and paste the necessary information from your registration email.

    NOTE: Make sure to enter both your registered name and the key exactly as these are stated in your license details. Both need to match - including uppercase and lowercase letters and interpunction - for the license to work.

  3. Click OK.

NOTE: You may use your license on multiple computers, as long as you are the one using the software yourself. The license may not be shared with others.