Any element or selection of elements can be rotated.

Method 1 #

  1. Select the elements. A selection box with a handle appears.


  2. Use the handle to rotate the selection with the mouse.

NOTE: If the handle is red, the selection cannot be rotated. Usually this is caused by glued items.

Method 2 #

  1. Select the elements. Depending on what you select, various extra tabs appear on the Ribbon:
  1. Click Rotate…

A new window appears:

  1. Enter an angle or use the slider. Your selection rotates as you change the angle. You can also use the buttons to rotate a certain number of degrees. The 0 button resets the rotation to the start position.

  2. Click OK.

NOTE: Using the slider will change the angle in full degrees. However, the angle may be changed an arbitrary amount by entering a value in the edit box, i.e. 23.7.