RULERS tab and menu

Apart from simply dragging its endpoints, you can either click the ruler or one of its endpoints to manipulate it.

Ruler point #

  • The ruler point tab:

    RULER point tab

  • The ruler point does not have a popup menu.

xThe x coordinate of this point (left to right)
yThe y coordinate of this point (top to bottom)
Move pointMove only this endpoint of the ruler
Move rulerMove the whole ruler

Ruler #

  • When the ruler is selected, the following tab appears:

    RULER tab

  • When the ruler is right-clicked, the following menu appears:

    RULER menu

DeleteDelete the ruler
GlueGlue the ruler to avoid accidentally moving it
Rotate…Rotate the ruler
FlipMirror the ruler
LayerMove the ruler to another layer
HorizontalPosition the ruler horizontally. Click again to put it upside down
VerticalPosition the ruler vertically. Click again to put it the other way around
LengthSet the length of the ruler
ScaleThe scale of the ruler. The displayed length is relative to the modeling scale
Change styleChange the way the ruler looks
FontSet the font of the ruler text
SizeSet the font size of the ruler text