Saving your work

You can save AnyRail design files just as you would with any other Windows software. You might also find Save as useful for recording different stages of your design.

To save your file #

  • From the FILE tab, select Save.

To save your file with a new name and location #

  • From the FILE tab, select Save As. A standard file window opens, allowing you to save a copy of your file. The old one is untouched.

Auto-save #

AnyRail auto-saves your work every 10 minutes in a separate folder. If AnyRail closes in a normal way, these auto-saved files (except for one) are deleted to preserve disk space.

In case your computer crashes, or if AnyRail terminates in an unexpected way, you can find a recent copy in the Autosave folder.

To find an auto saved file #

  1. Open the FILE tab.

  2. Select Help.

  3. Click the button tagged Autosave Folder.

NOTE: The most recent file you find is probably your best choice.