Selecting track

Obviously, you can select one section of track by simply clicking it.

However, you can also use the mouse to select several pieces of track, and then move or alter them as one.

To select track #

Select track
  • Hold down the left mouse button and draw a box to select multiple pieces.

Select track
Selected track is highlighted in bold green.

  • Drag one to drag them all.

Select track
  • Use the handle to rotate the selection.

Select track

Other ways to select or deselect pieces #

CTRL+click each piece #

Select with CTRL
  • CTRL-click to add a part to the selection.

Double-click a piece to extend the selection #

Select with double click
  • Double click to extend the selection in a logical manner.

Triple-click to select all connected track #

Select with triple click

SHIFT-click to extend the selection #


Select track with SHIFT

  • SHIFT-click to select the route from an already selected part to here.


Select track with SHIFT
The shortest route is selected.

To deselect a single piece #

  • CTRL-click the piece.

To deselect all the pieces #

  • Press ESC.
NOTE: You can also copy, paste and delete track in the standard Windows way.
TIP: If you open AnyRail twice, you can copy and paste elements from one layout to the other.