TEXTS tab and menu

The TEXT tab appears only when text is selected.

TEXT tab

The text popup menu appears when you right-click the text.

TEXT menu

DeleteDelete selected text
GlueGlue selected text to avoid accidentally moving it
RotateRotate the selected text
FlipMirror the selected text
LayerSelect a layer for the text
HorizontalPosition the text horizontally. Click twice to position the text upside down
VerticalPosition the text vertically. Click twice to position it the other way around
ColorSet a color for the selected text
Font faceSelect a font
SizeSelect a font size
xThe x coordinate of this point (left to right)
yThe y coordinate of this point (top to bottom)
HeightDraw height of the text
Edit textClick to edit the text. This can also be achieved by double clicking the text
TIP: Quickly start editing text by double-clicking it.