TRACK tab and menu

The TRACK tab appears when track is selected.


The track popup menu appears when you right-click the track.

TRACK menu
DeleteDelete the selected track
GlueGlue the selected track to prevent accidentally moving it
RotateRotate the selected track and all connected track with it
FlipMirror all selected track with all connected track
LayerMove selected track to another layer
Send to backSend this track to the back of all elements with the same height
Send backwardSend this track one step back relative to all elements with the same height
Bring to frontBring this track on top of all the elements with the same height
Bring forwardBring this track one step further to the top relative to all elements with the same height
StandardThe track is displayed as-is, both in 2D and 3D
HiddenThe track is displayed as a dotted line in 2D. In 3D, it will be hidden, and a tunnel is created if necessary
EmbankmentIn 2D, small lines indicate that the track is on an embankment. In 3D, the ground is shaped as an embankment
BridgeIn 2D, trellis is drawn over the bridge. In 3D, the track is put on pillars
Extend selectionEnlarge the selection in a logical way. Double click on the track has the same result
Select sectionOnly when sections are used: select the complete section
Select stretchSelect all connected track
DisconnectDisconnect the selected track
Add isolatorsInsert isolators at the outer ends of the current selection
Change directionFor single track only: add an arrow to indicate one way track
Lock heightLock the heights for the endpoints of the track
Set heightSet the height of the selected track
Smooth slopeCreate a slope for the selected track
Create helixCreate a helix from the currently selected, unconnected curve
LabelSet a label for the selected track element
Create sectionTurn the selection, or isolated track, into a section

Section functions #

Whenever a section is defined for the selected track, the tab has a few additional functions.

Section functions

Remove sectionsRemove the section definitions. The track itself is not removed
NameEnter a name for the section here
UsageSelect or enter a usage type here
ColorSelect a color for the section
FontSelect a font for the section label
SizeSet a font size for the section label