View drawing scale

This is roughly the scale at which things are displayed on screen. This is not to be confused with your modeling scale.

Don’t rely on this for precise measurements, as the actual sizes depend on the size of your monitor.

To zoom in or zoom out #

  1. Locate the View Scale slider in the lower right corner:
View Scale slider
  1. Move the slider to change the view scale.


  1. Click the HOME tab.

    View Scale

  2. Select a View Scale.

When you set the view scale to 1:10, one centimeter in the plan represents 10 centimeters in reality.

TIP: For fast zoom, press CTRL and use the mouse wheel.
TIP: To zoom using the keyboard, press CTRL + or CTRL -.
NOTE: This setting has nothing to do with the train scale i.e.: TT, O, H0, etc. The train scale depends on which track library you use.