Scale H0/00, Atlas Code 100

Atlas Code 100 track can be a tricky track system if you want to mix the #4, #6 and #8 turnouts and the 'settrack' like curved and straight parts. The #4 turnout for instance has an angle of 12º50", while the curved parts are 10º, 15º, 22º30" and 30º. This means that strictly speaking, you'll never be able to create a perfect 90º degree turn with one of these turnouts included. Luckily, in real life, it's not all that strict, and you will find that it'll fit using the wiggle room in the track.

This natural 'play' can be simulated in AnyRail as well by making imperfect connections between track elements, maybe with a little gap or at a slight angle, all within the given tolerances in the Settings tab of the program. Just uncheck the 'Autoconnect' box in the Settings tab, and you're free to connect the track as you wish.

In the following examples, you'll find that this 'cheating' was required here and there as well.

Geometry 1

Geometry 1Download Geometry 1

Geometry 2

Geometry 2Download Geometry 2