Scale H0/00, Fleischmann Profi

Fleischmann is a German company that produces model railroad models and equipment.

Curved turnouts

It's quite well known that the Fleischmann Profi curved turnouts do not fit as indicated in the catalogue. This is due to the fact that they need to fit in all situations, which is mathematically impossible. Fleischmann has designed them in such a way that they fit well enough. All track planning programs suffer from this. Here, you'll find a number of examples created with AnyRail that you can copy and paste into your own designs. The turnouts have been rotated slightly to make everything fit. If you're going to lay the real track, you'll hardly notice it. It's exactly for this reason that AnyRail has an option to create 'imperfect' connections.

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Plan 1

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Startsets ABCDE

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Floris van Roekel

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