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July 09, 2020, 07:48:32 pm


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Version 6.31.0 query

Started by Irish_Steve, June 30, 2020, 03:28:42 pm

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Hi, My laptop did an automatic upgrade last night, and there are a couple of strange things happening that seem to be as a result of the changes made.

The first, which is a pain, is that it is no longer possible to set the autoconnect option, unless the upgrade changed another related setting, setting, and I've missed it somewhere along the way, so if I remove a piece to replace it with another, the new piece will only connect at one end, even though there is an alignment with the second end.

Another change, which is an irritation is that if I select the menu for the SHOW tab, and I have the drop downs enabled, if i change an option  (eg height), the menu closes, even though I might want to change another item on the same tab, which would appear to be a change from earlier versions. I checked this out on the older version I have on a different computer, and it used to stay open when an item was changed.

Not an issue, but if the area for the layout is larger than 10 Metres, the ruler display only shows up to 10 Mtrs, I am currently working with an area of 17 x 13 Mtrs, so don't get the distances above 10 Mtrs. Minor, in that most users will be working with a much smaller area than this.

Hopefully, you will be able to point me in the right direction, as I'm trying to design a new layout for the garden railway.

Best regards



I'm not sure that the connection behaviour changed.

There will be blue dots to indicate which endpoints will connect. With 'Autoconnect' (from the SETTINGS tab) on, that connection will be made as a perfect connection, and only connect with other parts if a loop is closed (and the heights of the endpoints are aligned.)

With 'Autonnect' off, you might see more than one endpoint pair where the blue dots appear. When you then release the mouse button, the track will not make a perfect connection but stay in place just where you put it, possibly creating more than one connection at once.

To keep the menu open, double click the tab. When your window is not wide enough to hold all the options, and you need to click the small triangle to open the menu options, it will be closed after each change. I don't think it has ever been different.
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