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Tips and tricks / Transfer track centerline to a...
Last post by artf - Today at 09:18:37 PM
So I have laid out the full scale printout of the layout on the benchwork.  What is the best way to now transfer the actual track centerline to the benchwork so I can then remove the paper layout and begin to secure my track to the benchwork. I already painted the benchowrk top a dark color so pen or pencil marks will not show very well.

Any ideas or thoughts? How have others tackled this issue?

Track plans / L shaped layout
Last post by railbashernovice - Today at 08:09:20 PM
Hi all
with this layout design in OO gauge I was after having plenty of sidings instead of a fiddle yard and I think I have achieved that aim. I was also aiming to have a decent sized station running along the back wall. I am open to suggestions or ideas on how I may improve on this design
Introduce yourself / new to the forum and any rail
Last post by railbashernovice - Today at 07:53:22 PM
Hi one and all
I am new to the forum and relatively new to the hobby. Over the last three years I have designed and built two layouts. Like most beginners the first one was pretty much thrown together and over time little niggles became big problems with running. The second runs well but doesn't give much in the way of sidings. I have decided to invest in anyrail to design a layout that will give me this and hopefully I can iron out any design problems.
Problems / Re: Recent Designs
Last post by owl90 - Yesterday at 06:33:48 PM

I have things working OK, I put a folder on the C drive to save my Designs

Thank you very much for you help

Problems / Re: Recent Designs
Last post by David - November 28, 2022, 12:06:40 PM
At startup, AnyRail checks if all the plans on the recent file list can still be found.
If not, they're removed from this list.
So if you start AnyRail without the thumb drive attached, the files on it will no longer be on the recent file list.

By the way, always make sure to properly 'eject' the thumb drive! You'll not be the first one losing work because Windows did not get enough time to synchronise the external drive.
Problems / Recent Designs
Last post by owl90 - November 28, 2022, 01:17:16 AM
2 days ago I bought a new Lenovo Laptop with Windows 11
my old laptop was a HP with Windows 8

When I open a Design it goes to recent designs as it should
If I open more 2-10 they are in Recent Designs

But sometimes when I shut down the laptop and reopen AnyRail they are gone in Recent Designs

It also happens when I remove the pin drive I have AnyRail Designs saved on

Not sure what is going on


Introduce yourself / Re: New to forum - successully...
Last post by ibondy - November 27, 2022, 09:22:49 AM
@zsi Fully agree, and when you talk about desktop OS it is about 76% Windows, 15% OS and <3% Linux. Any business needs to prioritize their efforts based on the ROI. I would estimate that ROI on Linux is almost zero.

Problems / Re: Can't update - still on 6....
Last post by David - November 26, 2022, 12:13:31 PM
You can always just download the latest version from our website and install that.
The end result is the same.
Problems / Can't update - still on 6.12.3
Last post by chris hutchinson - November 26, 2022, 01:15:57 AM
I have recently relicensed but I cannot update from 6.12.3.

The method prescribed "Check for Updates" does not respond.

Please help AnyRail
Introduce yourself / Re: New to forum - successully...
Last post by zsi - November 26, 2022, 12:04:21 AM
Considering that the global operating system market share of Windows is about 30% and that of Linux about 1%, it is hard to justify creating and maintaining a separate Linux-version of Anyrail, I would say.