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Problems / Printing grid (or sub-grid)
Last post by true911 - Yesterday at 08:13:20 PM
Hi, this maybe isn't a problem, but I didn't see a "how to" forum, so...

When I'm working with my track plan I have a 1" grid showing on the screen within the 1' darker grid.  When I go to print, I lose the 1 inch grid, and I only have the 1 foot grid remaining in the background.  I've gone through the print setups and can't find this myself, but I feel sure it must be possible to print with the smaller grid activated.  Thanks for your help!
General Discussion / Laying Track with AnyRail 6
Last post by Flyhighmike - Yesterday at 06:36:21 PM
Hi Folks,

I am new to AnyRail but I have got on with it very well and produced a plan for my new layout. I just wondered if anyone can give me a prefered method of laying track.  Ive glued down a full size plan with repositionsable glue then used Copydex to glue down Woodland Scenics trackbed.  Is this a sensible method?


Track plans / Re: KATO N-gauge layout design...
Last post by David - Yesterday at 01:16:20 PM
@Rob:I removed your email address for privacy reasons.
The download did not work because the AnyRail files were on an external server.
I've now added the plans files as attachments for you to download.
Track plans / Re: KATO N-gauge layout design...
Last post by rboogers - Yesterday at 05:27:59 AM
Hi Ed,

I love your layout and just tried to download the .any file but it won't download. Not sure if the problem is my end or your end. Would you mind send a link to my email address.
Track plans / Re: Problems figuring out my f...
Last post by Elvis - March 30, 2023, 06:34:44 PM
Kato N Scale UniTrack is good stuff -- you just need to master the geometry and study that. I also find that it helps to work in metric (mm) because that's how it was designed.

They have an expansion track but it is not flexible. Great for filling in the last section when the lengths just don't work out.

You used a lot of flex track in your plan, which is really Atlas N scale flex. I only use this for planning purposes. It's great for measuring lengths or radii.

Kato was smart enough, in my opinion, to NOT make prototypical turnouts/switches. Prototypical turnouts often diverge into a straight section and often at odd angles. 12 degrees 50 seconds for example. Or 12.8333* -- This is fine for a spur, but for continuous running these destroy your geometry.

Kato has 481 and 718 R curves exactly match a #4 and #6 turnout. Handy-dandy.

Kato Geometry AnyRail File
General Discussion / Re: Ross Switches
Last post by David - March 29, 2023, 07:02:51 PM
I've contacted Ross Custom switches, and they say the #8 double crossover is part number 280 (that's included in AnyRail already).

We'll take another look at the turntables later.
General Discussion / Re: Ross Switches
Last post by rcabrera - March 28, 2023, 08:27:16 PM
Ross #176 is a #8 double crossover. Its a bit larger than the #175.
Also, How about Ross turntables?

Sorry for all the questions I am very new to this but quickly becoming addicted to your program.
General Discussion / Re: Ross Switches
Last post by David - March 28, 2023, 03:36:08 PM

Would you have a reference to the #176 double crossover? We have the #175 double crossover.

The #8 curved switches are part numbers 240 and 241.
General Discussion / Ross Switches
Last post by rcabrera - March 28, 2023, 12:17:38 PM
Hello, new to anyrail.
I cannot seem to find certain Ross switches in the library. In particular, double crossover #176 or the #8 curved switch.

Am I looking in the wrong place?

Thank you.
Introduce yourself / Hi all
Last post by BriaTyler - March 27, 2023, 02:09:34 PM
Hi all, I'm new here, my name is Bria Tyler, I'm from Austin, I just wanted to say hi and have a nice day.