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Problems / Re: Shapes and Colors in AnyRa...
Last post by David - Yesterday at 06:34:42 PM
Thanks for the wish list. We gradually improve the software on many levels, so this may appear at some point.
Problems / Re: Auto Save program in AnyRa...
Last post by David - Yesterday at 06:11:00 PM
There is an Autosave. Your work is saved every ten minutes.

To find the autosaved files, start the program and go to FILE/Help/Autosave folder.
The newest entry in the folder is probably your work.
Open it, and save it in a regular location.

Of course we do everything we can to make the program stable.
When it crashed, was there a pop up requesting to send the dump file to us? It helps us a lot to fix it.
Problems / Re: Auto Save program in AnyRa...
Last post by Fuzzy49 - Yesterday at 05:45:00 PM
Last time checking to receive notifications!
Problems / Re: Uploading "Created Structu...
Last post by Fuzzy49 - Yesterday at 05:43:50 PM
just checking again!
Problems / Re: Shapes and Colors in AnyRa...
Last post by Fuzzy49 - Yesterday at 05:42:57 PM
just checking!
Problems / Uploading "Created Structures"...
Last post by Fuzzy49 - Yesterday at 05:39:01 PM
Hey Guys...It's Fuzzy49 here...once again

Uploading "Created Structures" to the library.

Wow, I just got done creating all my structures. I proceeded to upload them to AnyRail when I discovered that I had to painstakingly do ONE at a time. I had 48 structure designs, it took me awhile to complete the task.

Why couldn't the designers at AnyRail fix it so someone could upload more than one at a time even if limited to a small amount, say 5 at a time? Would be helpful.
One other thing, I noticed that there are multiple designs of structures in AnyRail, in the various  libraries.

One in particular is... I won't mention the creators name of these unless it is necessary to do so.
Faller, HO..."110140 STATION 1" and the exact same copy "110140 Railway Station Large Germany Epoch IV"

Another duplicate drawing in Faller, HO... is "130191 Zimmerei". There are two of them. Unless the person has two of the same models on their layout and thinks that they have to have it doubled in the library, strange though.

Faller, HO...And still another multiple example "130229 Malin de scierie" / "130229 Moulin Scierie" / "130229 Moulin de Scierie" / "130229 Moulin de scierie", all of these drawings are the same, just the INFO  (Title)  is different.

Is there no one checking these things? I thought I read in AnyRail that when one uploads a drawing it is checked? There should be some kind of control checking for this kind of repeat stuff too.

I noticed that once I create a drawing, and if I do not like it, I than can delete it through the "Details" pop up. But I cannot delete it after I upload it, even though it is my own creation [The outline disappears after uploading]. So policing the libraries would have to fall into the hands of AnyRail people.

Note: I think that if I want to clean up my library, on my end, then all I have to do is open the library, Faller, HO, then find the duplicate copy right click to open details and copy the address [where it is located on my PC] and do a PC search, find it in search and then delete it from my PC. Close AnyRail then open it again to refresh it. I did just that, It worked the copy is gone. Now I have just checked to see if there are any new library updates yet, there weren't any new libraries except the one drawing I deleted, it brought the deleted one back in. So it's up to AnyRail to clean up these libraries to cut down on both size and confusion.

The problem may be the person creating these drawings hastily uploads it then realizes an error and starts over again. Thus adding another copy, and another copy, and so on.

Maybe the designers can figure out something there too. Would save some confusion.

Thanks for listening [reading].

Problems / Shapes and Colors in AnyRail.
Last post by Fuzzy49 - Yesterday at 05:26:23 PM
It's Fuzzy49 here again...

Shapes and Colors in AnyRail.

Because I work with such detail in creating these little structures, and they look much nicer too if I do say so myself.

AnyRail should have more standard shapes than just a Circle and a Square. An Octagon, Hexagon, Triangle also other shapes would be appreciated. Some model buildings/structures have those shapes. Microsoft Word has an extensive Shape library. AnyRail wouldn't necessarily have to go to such lengths, but a little bit better would help.

And on that note... Colors could be improved a bit too. Again I look at Microsoft Word using "Format Auto Shape". It has not only the color but also a section for Fill Effects like Gradient, Texture, Pattern and Picture. It would save a bunch of time flipping from one program to another to get a texture, save as a jpeg, then back to AnyRail.

Just a suggestion to improve this amazing program to its greatness.


Problems / Auto Save program in AnyRail
Last post by Fuzzy49 - Yesterday at 05:11:32 PM
Hey Guys...It's Fuzzy49 here.
Auto Save in AnyRail.

Why doesn't this program save automatically, or at least have a setting to save every few minutes. Microsoft Word does. And Word also has a "Crash" safety save for such a reason. 

I was working on designing a model structure on my "Drawing Canvas", I use it to draw/design all my structures, landscape, trees and such. I like to work in HO and cm. I don't care to do the straight forward square stuff all in one color thing. I use detailed drawings. I actually import the "Shake", "Shingle", "Tile", and others as a picture.

In short, I acquire a picture from the internet or take a picture of the actual model and use Microsoft Word to crop and enhance the picture, change color fix the size, of say the roof area. I then name it and save it as a jpeg to a Folder for future use.

After creating a square section, half of the roof from the model, say the roof of the model is 10cm x10cm, I make a 10cm x 5cm square [rectangle]. I then insert the picture [Shingle] into the square using "Load Image". Then adjust the picture to show the appropriate size for the scale I'm using and to rotate, if necessary to show the shingles going in the correct direction, down from the peek.
Then I copy that half and paste it on the drawing, rotate it and then position it next to the first half, making sure the Shingles are going in the correct direction, as a real roof would show. I do this for all the pieces of the roof, dormers, outcroppings or any other section.

Note: Dormers need to be in two pieces just as the main roof is, rotated in the correct direction first for the shingles, paste in the picture, resize it, then rotate the half dormer back to its direction. Then repeat the same as the main roof, copy, paste and position. Then crop together. If that's not too complicated.

After the roof is complete I then concentrate on the rest, such as the trim, gutters, chimneys, smoke stacks, skylights and TV antennas or any other items that are required on the rood. I crop the whole thing together and save these creations to AnyRail in my personal library.

So I am putting a great deal of time and effort in creating these detailed drawings. I was nearing the end of one such creation when it happened!  And I was FLABBERGASTED to say the least, that the program "CRASHED" without saving it. I had to start all over. About 1-2 hours of work. I now have to repeatedly save the work manually so not to lose any more.

Would be nice if the designers could see if AUTO SAVE-w/Time choice can be added to AnyRail.


Chat room / Re: Email
Last post by David - Yesterday at 02:34:10 PM
I've removed the email address in your forum name.
To change your email address, log in and change it in your profile.
Chat room / Email
Last post by bobbor43 - Yesterday at 12:26:45 PM
How do I change my email address