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July 09, 2020, 07:44:01 pm


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Problems / Re: Failed to create D3D11 dev...
Last post by David - Today at 07:36:33 pm
You need DirectX11 for the 3D View. As I understand, Virtual box only supports DirectX 8 and 9 if at all.

I don't think it will ever be possible as the VM would need direct access to the GPU, which is a no go I think.

Problems / Failed to create D3D11 device ...
Last post by opatrein - Today at 04:56:34 pm
i've installed anyrail on a virtual machine, Windows 7 oracle virtual box
I can do everything in anyrail except show 3D then I get this error
"No Suitable hardware found.
Failed to create D3D11 device (HRESULT 887a0004)"

is there a solution for this issue

General Discussion / Re: OO Controllers
Last post by Nick the Nomad - Today at 12:09:09 am
Hi MandrakeMan,

I just did a quick Google search and came up with this, which may be worth looking at.


More expensive is not necessarily better, I have found.  I did a fair amount of research myself before settling on the Gaugemaster ones, including looking at DCC. I bought one from Hattons, and one direct from Gaugemaster (because Hattons didn't stock it), but back in 2013, so not sure which was which now. But one sign of their reliability is that they are still available (as are the HM2000s).

Another thing I have just remembered: I changed all the knobs so that the position was more obvious - the originals only had a small white dot which rubbed off easily. The new ones were about $2 Oz at my friendly local electronics hobby store.

Hope this helps,

Nick the (Sedentary) Nomad
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Introduce yourself / Re: First post and a Newbee
Last post by David - Yesterday at 11:59:32 am
Welcome here, and thanks for the much required explanation of your nickname ;)
General Discussion / Re: OO Controllers
Last post by MandrakeMan - Yesterday at 01:30:08 am
Hi Nick,
Thanks for your reply, appreciated.
I am thinking of going for a more expensive controller, as the Hornby cheap jobs are appalling, and the Bachmann are half the price of a decent controller just for a one loop controller.

Anyone have any experience with HM2000 controllers? Looks like best of the available others, than Gaugemaster.
Introduce yourself / First post and a Newbee
Last post by Crunt Phutock - July 07, 2020, 09:07:30 pm
Hi All
I have just joined AR. Asked David where the introduction area is and a few minutes later the topic appears.
Happily retired. Although very large family (11 grandchildren) means lots of "just jobs".
Own a motorhome, which means I can visit them overnight without disruption. (frequent request by grandchilderen as i spoil them rotten)
So -  Model Railway
As above, DIY, work, family etc means Railway has been a pipe dream for many years. Last attempt to put plans into layout was over 50 years ago. COVID19 has meant no family visits and "hay presto" Time for N Gauge railway. Plan - Plan  - Plan was my workplace motto so paper drawings have been converted to AR design.
Good start? Oh dear paper fits by careful mis-judging of space. AR is (correctly) far less compromising. So back to the drawing board.
Good news so far. Base is built. Using Extruded polystyrene insulation. Very strong and light weight. 4800mm long 700mm at narrowest. In the loft so slope is an issue. Lightweight as there is a need for a bed a Christmas.

Never know what to tell and as the first there are no paradigms to follow.
Looking to build a preserved railway for me to run steam with a connection to modern line for the grandchildren's interest. Roundy-round for them, branch line with sidings for me. N Gauge for space.

The Nom-De-Plume? In the 1950s I heard a radio programme where the gardener's name (I thought) was Crunt Phutock. I have since been advised it was from "Round the Horne" and was J. Peasmold Gruntphuttock bit too late to change.
Well that's about it for now.
Crunt Phutock (Nee Gruntphuttock)

Track plans / Re: How to connect a loop outs...
Last post by MandrakeMan - July 05, 2020, 04:44:56 pm

Thanks for the tips about cutting and setting lengths of flexi! Has enabled me to remove the dublo and patch with one piece of flexi. I have moved the sidings to the other end of the layout, it is less fussy and more usable. Your thoughts / experience welcome and appreciated.



p.s. only thing looking at this attached, I might reverse the two sets of sidings, so that you can run straight off the outer loop in to the sidings.

p.p.s. I did post about controllers, I currently have two, but what is going to be the best way to control this layout. If kept DC (I've only just heard about DCC! which does sound good) would a double controller be enough and where would any isolators need to go?
Track plans / Re: How to connect a loop outs...
Last post by mrsax2000 - July 05, 2020, 04:20:19 pm
To cut flex track, start with a longer piece of flex. Right-click on a spot on the track and select "cut flex here".  You can then disconnect the cut piece and use it.

You can also right-click and select "straight flex" and set the length.

Flex pieces can be connected and stretched/shrunk to fit between existing pieces.
Track plans / Re: How to connect a loop outs...
Last post by MandrakeMan - July 05, 2020, 01:56:35 pm
Hi both, thanks for your comments, they have made me have a think about the sidings.

You can ignore the Dublo track sections, as I will simply cut some track to size for these small sections, I just didn't know how to do it in AnyRail - if you do...?

I am happy with the two loops, the outside loop offering the extended loop, which I may well set in a tunnel etc. The two smaller loops offer a place for the station. The siding is a bother, as I like the layout I have but beyond storing locos at the end of the sidings, or a full train along the main siding, which will block the road crossing, I know they are limited and cramped.

I don't want to have the sidings in the middle of the board, as my son will be clambering on to the board, he is careful, but I want a good space, for now, for access. I t could be filled in months / years to come. I am thinking that the siding could go at the other end of the board, as it then wouldn't interfere or need to work with the road which will run in from the double crossing to the station. I will have a play. I will also make sure I purchase a length of flexi track, in case it is needed.

If you have any workable suggestions for the sidings, I'm all ears.

General Discussion / Re: Problem exporting to JMRI
Last post by David - July 05, 2020, 12:38:09 pm
Thanks for the testing material.
When importing into JMRI, I see that Java runs out of memory.

I'm not sure if this has to do with a problem in the XML or in the PanelPro code.
I'll try to dig a bit deeper into this.
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