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January 17, 2022, 05:08:50 pm


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Track plans / Track Plan Wiring Query
Last post by Splat - Today at 01:55:26 pm
Hi, new to the forum and AnyRail (fantastic piece of software)

I am making a new layout (OO DCC) and would like some advice on a preliminary design specifically regarding reverse loops and wiring. I understand the basics of wiring a simple reverse loop but I am unsure what happens once you started adding sidings in on reverse loops, loops with more than 1 train active, and loops that start on one track and link into another, etc.

I have added an image of the plan so far (not sure if this is sufficient).


The loop at the bottom seems simple enough (apart from the potential issue with multiple sidings) but the loop at the top is confusing me from a wiring side, exactly where to place IRJ's, etc).

Any advice is appreciated.

I am relatively new to this having just started getting back into the hobby after 25+ years, and having just finished a loft conversion ready for adding a new layout.


Introduce yourself / Re: New with AnyRail
Last post by magnus - Today at 06:49:18 am
Since this is Woodland's track plan, I'm not going to critique it. Just to say that it just goes round and round, and only one destination. Where are trains going to and coming from? I think this is an old style layout; today layouts tend to have more purpose built in. What is your story for your layout?

The reason the piece of track does not connect is that the angle is too sharp. AnyRail warns you and won't let you connect. If you go to Settings>Tolerances, you see that the allowed angle is set to 3 degrees. And the violating angle is more than that. If you still want it, you can change the Angle tolerance; I was able to Connect it when I changed the Tolerance Angle to 6 degrees. If you type in 6 in the Angle box, and then go to connection and right click, now you will see Connect is enabled. This is a good example of the deeper features in AnyRail not obvious right away, but the manual describes this. 6 degrees might be too much; you will need to use the wiggle room in the sectional track. It is better to spread out the mis-angling across several track pieces. If you put a 6 degree angle in one place, you will risk derailments. But if you spread out say 2 degrees across 3 connections, the risk for derailment goes down.

Note that you can manually rotate a track piece. Disconnect it and then you can Rotate by right clicking on the track.
Introduce yourself / Re: New with AnyRail
Last post by gnegual - Today at 03:48:26 am
Here's a basic layout of Woodland Grand Valley in Any Rail. One piece of track is not connected properly at the bottom of the layout.
Problems / Re: Renaming layers does not k...
Last post by David - Today at 12:53:16 am
Thanks for spotting that. It'll be fixed in the next update.
Introduce yourself / Re: New with AnyRail
Last post by gnegual - Yesterday at 11:50:58 pm
Thank you Magnus, I will definitely take your advice. I still have a lot to learn using the software.
Problems / Renaming layers does not keep ...
Last post by TrainzLuvr - Yesterday at 07:31:01 pm
In version 6.41.1 when I click to rename the layer, the previous text disappears and I have to re-type it again in order to edit it.

Previously one could click to rename the layer and the text would remain, thus making it easier to edit.
Introduce yourself / Re: New with AnyRail
Last post by magnus - Yesterday at 09:19:32 am
Hi George, welcome to the forum. One initial tip is to read the manual as you start using the software. Although AnyRail is pretty easy to ease, there is a lot of useful features not obvious.

Also, as we all have AnyRail software, it is better if you upload the .any file in addition to any .jpg file. That way we can review your layout in more detail and give you better feedback.

Good Luck with your layout!
Introduce yourself / Re: New with AnyRail
Last post by gnegual - Yesterday at 08:34:28 am
Let me try uploading attachments again.

General Discussion / Re: Differences in elevation b...
Last post by David - January 15, 2022, 06:00:18 pm
If you want to check clearances where tracks cross, check 'Vertical clearance' on the SHOW tab.
Introduce yourself / Re: New with AnyRail
Last post by poppy2201 - January 15, 2022, 12:55:40 pm
There's no attachment.
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