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Testing a concept

Started by RhB_HJ, May 17, 2011, 06:37:50 PM

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Hi all,

Are you in the same boat i.e. getting a little frustrated when looking for structures to place on your ANY plans?
One could go through umpteen catalogues and an equal number of websites to find what one wants.

Sooooo what's missing on the samples we have here? IMHO a picture that shows what the item looks like, there are so many variations of structures who a referred to with a common name. In most cases it's back to the catalogues and/or the websites to find a picture.

And that's where my concept comes in have the footprint drawing of the structure together with a picture. Someone mentioned a while ago that it's hard to determine which is the front i.e. entrance side, with just a foot print.

Have a look at the test sample - the foot print is a separate grouped image to be copy/pasted - and let me know what you think about the concept. Thanks!
Hans-Joerg Mueller
Coldstream, BC   Canada

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