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2 loops 2 controllers

Started by RobertC, August 04, 2011, 05:23:06 AM

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Hi all
This is all new to me, just starting out and I need advice. I want to run 2 loops joined by a set of points on each side. Run each loop with a seperate contoller but want o be able to cross from one loop to the other. Which means parking one train on an isolate siding etc to bring the other out. So my thought are both sets of points would need isolating joiners to keep the loops seperate. So then is it just a matter of opening up the points having the controller on the other loop set at about the same speed and drive out onto the other loop and the other controller takes over? Is it that simple?
Regards Rob


Althoug the subject is not really the scope of this forum, let me try to help you.

You did not mention your system, 2-rail or 3-rail and analoge or digital. That makes a lot of difference.

Let me guess you are on 2-rail, analoge. The basis idea is as you describe. But unfortunate, that is not very safe to operate. Think what happens when your second controller is sending the train in the wrong direction. The train reverses and goes back to the first loop. That controller reverses again and sends the train to the second loop. And so on ..... not very long though. The train ends spread wheels over your isolation and connects both seperated electrical loops by the electrical connection to multiple axes.  Even when you don't have stream locomotives, you will see some smoke !

To solve this problem, you will need some more electronics. But I think that's to much out of scope for this forum.

When you are using a digital system, the problem will not rise, since you can control both loops with one single controller. A second controller is not needed.