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Maximum incline percentage for UK HO \ OO scale.

Started by centenary, September 13, 2011, 08:41:35 PM

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I know incline percentage can be set to anything reasonable depending on the longest stretch of track and length of train etc.

When I open anyrail to create a new layout, the Maximum Include Percentage defaults to 3%. Changing this is easy.

Im intending to create layouts based on UK HO \ OO scale. The longest stretch of track on my layout would be approximately 5 meters (or a little longer if I run the incline diagonally corner to corner).

So, if we assume my longest straight is going to be 5 meters, what would be a reasonable maximum incline percentage over this distance and would allow one track at its highest point to run over a lower level track? (Hope I explained that clearly!)

Also, is there a formula to work out what the maximum incline percentage should be for any length of track to be raised to a given height?



Normally, you should not go over 3% or 4% incline, especially with longer trains or curved track. If you do, trains will stall.
If you only run very short trains or trams, perhaps you can try 5%.

1% incline means that you go one unit up for 100 units forward. For instance: 1% is 1cm up per meter.

I hope this helps!

David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.


...And, you can get AnyRail to do all the work by setting the height of the over-crossing track at perhaps 10 or 11 cm and the low end at zed, then select this length of track and choose 'Smooth slope' in the menu.
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