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Walthers Blast Furnace Footprint N Scale

Started by glakedylan, January 23, 2012, 10:41:29 PM

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Here is the footprint for Walthers Blast Furance in N Scale.
The footprint is within a tolerance of 1/32".
I did not make the whole multiple parts into one (1) image.
Rather, the main building is an image...
The individual parts of the main building are each an image...
The coal/coke? delivery trestle is, along with the conveyor system, an image.
There are all placed and lined up as it would be.
You will just need to aling the "points" where the various parts meet.
I hope that this will be helpful for someone.
I know I will be using it.
All peace, and creativity in your model railroading...
Gary L Lake Dillensnyder, OSL+
Suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Later,                                                AnyRail Fanatic
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Sorry...i do not know what you mean. Would you kindly explain?
Very appreciaited...


OK...when I open the AR files of others that are structures there is a *grouping* feature in the toolbar. When I open my file I cannot get that to be in the toolbar, it does not appear. What am I missing or doing wrongly?
Thanks, much appreciation...


Select each shape you want in the group, then look up on the Ribbon, and choose Group. This will allow you to treat the grouped shapes as 1 shape and keeps it from being changed/edited until Ungrouped.
Later,                                                AnyRail Fanatic
Jeff                      and Unofficial Guy Who Knows Almost Everything About It


To group:

Easy in case of structures by high lighting i.e. place cursor in the top LH corner, LH click and hold the mouse, drag to the lower RH corner. If there are objects to be grouped with other objects within the fence that do not belong to the group
Place all text that goes with the object within the boundry of the object. Hold down "Ctrl" while you select all objects that are to be included in the group.
Switch off the Grid and the Snap-to Grid functions to get a plain white background.

PS "Grouping" will also hide all the control points, very desirable in this case.  ;) ;) 
PPS A nice touch is including the part number of the kit.
Hans-Joerg Mueller
Coldstream, BC   Canada

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thanks...i now know how to group into one image.
i did not know or understand the mouse click highlight function until now.
your explanation was spot on and easy to follow.
this is a wonderful asset and resource.
so very appreciated!
it is good to be part of this forum with such knowledgeable people
who are so willing to share their expertise and giftedness.
thank you!


Just as a further note, spend a few seconds trying out the different controls that can be accessed via a right-click with the mouse. You'll find a lot of functions available there that can't be seen any other way. Same goes with the three scroll functions- shift-mousewheel for left/right, mousewheel for up/down, and right-click on the workspace and drag in any direction. Then there's ctrl-mousewheel for zoom in or out... You'll get used to things after doing a few layouts and you'll see how wonderfully fast AR is in designing layouts.

Don't be afraid of asking stupid questions. We've all had to start from scratch at one time. Fortunately, it doesn't take all that long to become an expert :)
Later,                                                AnyRail Fanatic
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