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(Web)Shops I like

Started by Janbouli, February 05, 2012, 10:18:33 PM

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Rather then go off-topic in another thread, I will start a new one .

Would be nice if we could share experiences of (web)shops here. Now to keep it civilized, I think we should only post good experience unless you've had an experience that is well over the Not Done factor, we don't want a bantering of shops here.


i'll start off

I model in N-scale

I usually buy from 3 shops , 1 is a webshop only, from England,
Only N-scale except for some tools. The owner is very quick in answering questions, and quick in sending your items. Prices are good for Europe , shipping is the exact cost.

2 is Model Train Stuff aka MB Klein from the US it is a webshop and also brick and mortar, the webshop has real time inventory. Good prices , shipping and handling a little steep for small orders, it's there way of pushing you to buy more. It's where I buy what I need right away ( customs in Holland often don't help this ). They have most scales and quite a large selection.

3 Is WigWag LLC, Albuquerque New Mexico US. I've been giving them my business for quite some years now, although I've never been to there brick and mortar shop it feels like my Local Hobby Shop, all questions are answered in a very personal way. They also hold on to items till there's enough to make shipping and handling a good deal.They charge your CC when they send the shipment. They are specialized in N-scale, and sell almost all the brands available in N-scale ( except maybe some smaller kit manufacturers and such ). Their inventory is unfortunately not realtime, they will however even try to get things that have gone out of production if you have the time to wait for them. Their prices are the best I have come across, and S&H is exactly what it costs them . I buy almost all my track ( Atlas C 55) from them and I pre-order from them ( you're going to have to wait for these items anyway ).
Sometimes they wait a bit to long to send me a shipment or get a few preorders in at the same time, not really a problem to me but could be for people with strict budgets.

For the rest I love building Craftsman Kits, so I do buy from several smaller kit manufacturers such as RSLaser Kits, Rusty Stumps, Turner Model Works

You can see some of my builds on a Dutch forum dedicated to American Train modeling. Or at an American forum with the emphasis on structure building.

Greetz Jan


Thanks for sharing that, Jan.
Later,                                                AnyRail Fanatic
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I'm in IIm (1:22.5 running on 45mm track), there are two shops I use because their service is simply outstanding

In the US: in Minnesota. Reasonable prices, excellent service.
In Germany: Champex-Linden, Super selection, reasonable prices, excellent service.

Odds and ends I buy from the LHS (if he has them) and I have a "to buy" list which every so often gets cleared by buying as much as possible from the "best source". And yes, I have been hanging around the fora for long enough to have read the horror stories and there are dealers who are never considered, even if they are the only game in town.
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I think this forum will only get better with age. I certainly plan to post before buying, if I don't see the one I need to use mentioned.
Later,                                                AnyRail Fanatic
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I've used Trainworld in Brooklyn, New York.  They ship quickly and  took back a rough running loco with no questions asked.  I purchased my KATO N scale Budd RDCs from them for $29.99 each.

Take a look at their "Store Sales Flyers" and especially their "Email Sales and Closeouts" for their best prices.  Look for the words "Super Sale" or "Blowout".

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I should have stated that I have an American themed layout, thus the American shops, I do buy everything I can ( paints, glue, scenery ) from my LHS wich is about 500 meters from my house, as for rolling stock , structures etc. sadly he only has the usual Marklin, Roco, Kibri and Faller stuff.


Well, you have to stock what sells.No small LHS is going to survive any other way.
Later,                                                AnyRail Fanatic
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