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Support for modules by allowing grouping tracks and surface objects

Started by LLJ, April 21, 2012, 10:54:29 PM

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Yes, this one would/could bring quite a few new users on board. Which reminds me, whenever I post layout plans or suggestions in different groups first question is "which software are you using?".  ;)

Apart from modules it would be very handy to group and then transfer "design elements" from one plan to another.
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I agree, you should be allowed to group ANY two or more elements together regardless of whether they are track, scenery, structure, text, etc. You should be able to just click an object, hold down shift or control and click another and another, etc. and then select "group".


Is there any updates on grouping tracks, scenery, structure, text, under a plan?


Quote from: gnegual on February 02, 2022, 07:56:55 PMIs there any updates on grouping tracks, scenery, structure, text, under a plan?

I would love to see more flexibility with grouping if that is ever possible.

A related question... If I group two or more line items which have Contour data, then the contour aspect is not shown in the 3D view.  It is shown again if those items are then Ungrouped.  Is this a bug or a feature of how AnyRail works?  Has anyone else seen this issue, or am I somehow doing it wrong?


I would like to add my note of interest in allowing items to be grouped.

The situation I am working on at the moment is a train turntable or sector plate with more than one track. For example a straight track across the diameter and two curved ones either side of it. Also it has stub tracks around the periphery to mark where the track lines up as it is rotated. It would be nice to group all these independent pieces of track that make up the train turntable so it can be moved and rotated into the desired position on the trackplan.


Unfortunately it's not that simple, as AnyRail also needs to know the routes through a part, and how it is electrically organized.
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I'd like to add my note of interest to be able to group shapes and scenic items with track so that they move together. I can do it to an extent by cutting and pasting a lassoed block and moving it around but in order to join the tracks the scenic items are released.

My application is small Fremo-like modules. (Not actually to Femo standards, but of similar concept.)

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If you group together the series of shapes, and disconnect the track that you want to move from any other track, you should be able to move the whole lot together. Then, if you wish, you can ungroup the shapes.

A method I used when I found myself having to make wholesale changes:

Group together all the shapes you want to move. While they are selected, note the X and Y co-ordinates in the ribbon. That is the upper left corner of your selection. Next, Click on a connecting point on your track, and note the co-ordinates of that, then caculate the offset between the two sets of co-ordinates. Move the grouped shapes to their required new position (or copy them onto a new plan and position them). Then, move the track to the new position simply by entering the offset co-ordinates relative to the new shape position, or copy the track to the new plan, select the same connector as before and enter the new co-ordinates. I know it sounds cumbersome, but it will achieve what you want, I believe.


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It seems like this thread started 10 years ago (if the dates on the posts are correct). Every other graphics program and all the other railroad cad programs I know of allow the grouping of all elements in a design to be grouped together, moved, duplicated copied and pasted and all other manipulations as a group. This would really be a nice feature to finally have added to the program.