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Walthers 9" Turntable/Roundhouse/Shops @ 7.5º angles

Started by glakedylan, May 27, 2012, 08:44:04 PM

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OK...i connected two pieces of flex track, each being 4.5 inches long
then i place the connection of the two at a place that became center
next i copied and pasted another section from the first
changed the angle 7.5º and centered it with the other
continuing that process until i had a full circle which represents a turntable of 9 inches.

i then added the Walthers roundhouse (being the version #32030
which is a total of 4 of these kits making for 180º roundhouse
the image being 24 isosceles triangles each  smaller angled point at the same point at which
the turntable track are centered.

i then added circles, one 9 inches in diameter to outline the turntable in black
and another, and 15 inches in diameter to represent the distance between the
turntable and the entrance to each roundhouse section.

the only problem with this is even with "grouping" the images group but not the tracks.
thus, i can paste and copy or rotate to the orientation i need
except the tracks all have to be realigned and recentered to work as a turnable.



Select (highlight) the whole construct, copy/paste, rotate etc the complete construct to your heart's content. It works as long as it all remains selected.
Now how would you position this accurately in a congested area? Create a separate layer for the turntable/roundhouse assembly. position accurately by using one or two track pieces from the congested layer in the new layer and when finished add the Turntable/Roundhouse components to whichever layer you like.
Not as easy as if we could group track and objects, but at least possible.  ;) ;)
Hans-Joerg Mueller
Coldstream, BC   Canada

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Hans, thanks for very much for the information!

I tried several things but not what you note.
I am so glad there is a solution!
Always grateful for those like yourself whose wisdom and knowledge
are solutions to other's issues.

Thanks again!