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Setting heights

Started by David, June 07, 2012, 04:38:37 PM

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Mike from CT

Quote from: RhB_HJ on June 14, 2012, 09:43:43 PM
Hey Mike, you didn't need a T-shirt either, did you?   ;) ;D ;D

I wish. When I started out (at a major insurance company), it was a dress shirt and tie (and jacket close by, in case a client came for a visit).  Early in my career (the '70s), if your system crashed at 2 AM and you got called out of bed to fix it, you could get buy without the tie - but only because we midnight warriors insisted if they wanted us to come in, they'd better let us in without ties.  But we had to go home and get suitably attired before we came back for our regular day jobs - until the PTB discovered that, if we went back home, we went back to bed.  After that, wearing grubby clothes was a sign of devotion to duty...... or something.....  we got away with it, anyway (if we'd been in all night, at any rate.)

I was really glad when I got promoted and no longer got the late night calls - even if it was back to ties and jackets and no excuses for anything less - even during crunch times, when I'd pull 36 hour days (when the project manager is pulling 36 hours straight, the folks who actually have to be productive don't complain about pulling 16 hours- at least they don't complain to the manager.... ;) )


Look on the bright side- you can sit there and beta-test AR naked, if that's your preference ;D. I once worked in similar surroundings and while the tie wasn't fun (try doing it while 3/4 asleep), it got to be just one of those things after a while. Frankly, having to work around high-speed printers always made me wonder if wearing a tie was a smart idea. Anyone getting it caught in the mechanism while changing paper would have been history.
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