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Extended curve

Started by Jeff, August 06, 2012, 04:20:21 PM

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agreed. 100% so!
it would seem to be enough to simply have the common sense of knowing that curved tracks (and the greated degree of curve plus the smaller the radius of curve) and incline upwards will need more power or will result in slower speed or wheel slip on locos and possible derails of freight, and/or passenger cars. And that adding weight to cars to counter the possible derailment will increase the likelihood of the loco challenge not to mention how weight adds to problems with larger degrees of curve. etc. etc. etc. :-)
simple high school physics :: i would think!
Gary L Lake Dillensnyder


"simple high school physics :: i would think!"

True. Not that I think that 1 in a 100 give any thought to it at all... :) I, myself, spend long nights crying myself to sleep over the loss ;D
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