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Bridge column specifications - feedback required before upload

Started by Gunzel73, February 24, 2024, 02:47:19 PM

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Hi all,

I've borrowed a set of Kato bridge columns from a family member, and I'm now adding these to the user objects database.

The first set I'm working on is 23-018, the concrete #5 pillars. I'm trying to make it obvious where a future adjustment might include connection nodes for track/viaducts/etc, and the plan view uses shading to make sure the various parts are visible.

For clearance, these are the numbers I'm providing in the description:
Heights from floor, mm: Plinth 18.7, Underside cap 94.3, Top cap 149.6, Top S-clip 153.5mm, S248V deck 185.8, S248V railhead 207.6

The image shows what the terms refer to. Are those clear, and/or are any other numbers required?

Edit: Damn, just realised I had the wrong setting on my calipers, all these numbers are wrong by roughly 3:1. Do I need to start the model over from scratch, or can it be resized? I can fix the above height measurements easily enough:
Plinth 6mm
Underside Cap 30.2mm
Top Cap 47.9mm
Top of S-Clips 48.9mm
S248V deck 58.2mm
S248V railhead 66.0mm


I think the descpriotins are clear enough.
Unfortunately, it's not so easy to scale a complete user object.
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