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Black Diamond & Augusta Railroad

Started by poppy2201, October 09, 2012, 09:48:31 PM

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Thanks Mike for the info and the link.  Greatly appreciated.
Charles J.


I did a redo of the Peco track plan using #6 turnouts and I must say it works out better in the yard with these.  I also redid the Atlas  track plan using all #5's except for one #10.  The dilemma I face now is whether to use my existing inventory of Atlas track (of which I will have to buy all #5's since I only have #7's) and wait for availability of flex and turnouts or go with Peco.  I did a cost analysis and I would have to spend $243.57 more for all Peco versus going all Atlas.  I guess I have to decide whether to wait for Atlas (who knows how long that will be) or try to stay on schedule and begin in January like I wanted to and go Peco.
No matter, I have attached both updated plans (Atlas and Peco).

Charles J.


I really need to stop tinkering and start building. ;D  However, that still has to wait until after January 1st.  What I have done now is mostly cosmetic.  I moved the names of the towns and stops and some other minor changes.  The biggest change is at the upper leg where I eliminated the siding.  Instead I envision a longer run that will traverse through a cut to help hide the track along with some trees.  To me this gives an appearance of running through the countryside.

I moved Elizabethtown to the center of the "U".  Elizabethtown use to have passenger service, but with the decline in ridership over the years the BD&A discontinued service.  The old depot still remains, but now houses an art gallery, gift shop and a small museum dedicated to the history of the BD&A.  The BD&A no longer stops in Elizabethtown.

Augustaville was moved to the lower leg.  Only one area of Augustaville is represented and that is service to the grain elevator, a mobile home park and some light non-rail industries.  A removable scenic divider is in place to give one a sense of two scenes, on one side the elevator, etc. and viewing from the other side is Sherman Yard.

I personally think this helps break up things with multiple views.
Charles J.

Mike from CT

A couple of things to think about.....

1) you have only one passing siding (in Black Diamond Jct.).  You really can't use the track running through the grain elevator or the A/D track for meets of trauns running on the main.

2) Using Peco medium switches, you'll need to insert short sections on the ladder track to get better spacing for the classification tracks.  They're too close to each other as is.  (It's not a problem, you have the room.)

3) The engine servicing track really needs vehicle access space along one side or the other.  It's where the fuel truck pulls up to refuel your engines.  Of course, call it an engine layover track and don't worry too much about refueling the engines and you've got yourself covered....  ;D

4) For some reason, you introduced a bit of an ess curve in the thoroughfare track to the left of the caboose track, which is why there's a filler necessary to the right of the top turnout for the caboose track, but none  where the A/D track meets the drill track.  There's nothing wrong with it - it may even make the scene look a bit less "rigid" - but be aware of it  (and watch the Center to center spacing on the thoroughfare, caboose and ladder tracks, as well.)

I do love the story for the Old Depot.  We have several in 1:1 scale that description fits to a "T", here in Connecticut....  :)


I really have the "itch" to start running trains again.  It has been way too long.  The plan for the BD&A that I have been working on just does not seem feasible right now.  Depending on whether I used Atlas or Peco, the costs for track right now would be anywhere from $545 (for Atlas) to $789 (for Peco).  This is not counting the fact of building the bench work (just under $300).  So for now I am going to postpone building this project until I am in a better financial situation.

On the bright side I still have all my Kato Unitrack from a previous build, so I am going to resurrect that plan.  It was originally built on a hollow core door.  Except this time I am going to build 3 modules that I can eventually use for the U-shaped plan in the future.  All I want to do for now is run trains and some switching.  Nothing complicated.

I want to thank all who have contributed ideas to the U-shaped plan, especially Mike.  Rest assured I have not given up on that plan, just need to wait a while.

Charles J.