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They will steal anything if you let them

Started by RhB_HJ, October 10, 2012, 03:56:00 PM

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Yes, some people will "acquire" things in the most peculiar manner. Including what they upload on YouTube as their own creation. This is my tale on how to handle those slimeballs.

I subscribe to Google Alert using several railway related key words. This past Saturday I got a heads-up on the usual selection of videos and other matter, among them an upload on YouTube by someone going by the handle "nevafilmtv" (St.Petersburg, Russia) who copied my "CP Rail - Eastbound Intermodal unit train approaching Field, BC" as their own. Copied from VIMEO
Yes, the complete video exactly the same length and including the copyright notice in the trailer. But to go one better they "monetized" the upload i.e. any viewers got to watch ads as an extra feature and "nevafilmtv" would collect the money.

The copyright infringement notice was filed on Saturday, the confirmation arrived 10 minutes later and on Monday the "nevafilmtv" upload was gone.
Meanwhile I did a bit of work, I had reset the security to prevent downloads of the source file from VIMEO about a week ago and now it was time to block the embeding racket. 214 videos had to be reset manually, so that took a while.
I also added some extras to the video that got "borrowed" - which will be standard on all my videos from now on - before I uploaded that to my "YouTube" account.
BTW I won't use the monetizing features on VIMEO or YouTube; we get too many stupid ads (visual pollution) as it is, no need to add to that!
Hans-Joerg Mueller
Coldstream, BC   Canada

My train videos

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Quite often, I wonder who raised these 'people'!
I learned a lot from my parents but I think that the most important thing that they taught me and my six brothers and sisters is ETHICs.

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HJ...they say plagarism is the highest form of appreciation.
still, there is a lot to be said for not stealing other people's work!
i've had some intellectual property stolen a couple of time or so,
and by academics, no less.
it is good you are protecting your work, videos and the right to them!
they are extremely well done and no one should be able to use
or misuse them in a way that diminishes your skill and ownership.
thanks for sharing them online!
they are great to watch...


Thank you Gentlemen!

I guess it has always been the case that some have difficulty recognizing what really isn't theirs. Now even more so since the Internet is the perfect venue for that kind of attitude.
In the past I would just shrug - like the time when a "buddy" (not!) did a write-up for a very wellknown MRR mag on a nifty system I had designed, developed and built  to change out faulty switch machines in a very short time without having to fiddle with readjustments (this was back in the '80s) Another case where someone got paid for an idea that was ripped off. Mind you, I never even intended to write an article for that mag.  ;)  :)
Hans-Joerg Mueller
Coldstream, BC   Canada

My train videos

Win7Pro 64bit; 8 GB RAM; i5 2.67GHz; 1920x1080 22" display



For work you want to protect, you might consider the 'Poor Man's Copyright'. Make a copy, mail it to yourself via registered mail (signture required). That way you have the original version in an unopened, dated, signed envelope. It's kludgy, but effective.
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