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Gluing and Grouping

Started by donone, October 30, 2008, 07:10:32 PM

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I noticed a comment in January regarding Grouping, which I agree would be useful along with another suggestion for keeping the pieces rather than simply copying them.
I should like to add to that the ability to Glue closed outlines. I realise that they are just that, rather than objects as such, the alternative of course being layers, so that all such outlines could be placed on a layer to protect them from movement.

I also noted a comment regarding a minimum distance between rails, which would be very useful, but would like to ask if it is possible to expand that to an exact distance along the whole length of a section etc.

Finally, when track is adjusted for length, Shift locks it straight, could the Ruler be made to do the same, which would help to ensure that pre-set ruler length is not affected by being angled?

That's all (I think that's quite enough from me).
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This is still on our todo list. We're still investigating the best approach here.

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