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Welcome to Mojave Ca.

Started by Broken Knuckle, December 09, 2013, 01:28:24 AM

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Broken Knuckle

 This is a plan of Mojave Ca (pronounced Mo-Hav-Vee). This is an actual place on the UP where the UP and BNSF come together and go over the Tehachapi mountains. The main line traffic is very busy. A Hauler seems to feed the yard with cars that locals use to service customers in the area. Unit trains of 40' hoppers, 60' hoppers and coal can be seen arriving and departing throughout the week as well. SP and Santa Fe use to operate threw here before the mergers. Mojave is a classic Southwestern US remote desert town. If you look at it on Google maps you will notice, besides the Yard, the Space Port that dominates the area. It looks like an airport and it is also the location of the first private space launch.
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