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Nudging and connecting

Started by donone, November 18, 2008, 10:04:46 AM

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I may be wrong, but as I see it I can drag a track close to another and it will join, however when nudging I have to revert to mouse movement to get the track to join, it does not join by proximity from the nudge which 'seems' to sort of defeats the object of careful nudging. Is it possible to enable such joining by proximity?
I am concerned that I cannot be sure what will move when the join is made, by mouse.

Perhaps I also mean only to connect when perfectly in line beforehand, not just proximity anywhere.
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That's correct. When you move stuff with the arrow keys, track will not connect.

In fact, this is done on purpose because when using the arrow keys, you do not have an 'active part', like you have when dragging with the mouse, so the program does not now which part you'd like to connect.

A way to prevent further movement of a part when connecting is to glue it.
- Nudge track into place with the arrow keys
- Click the mouse somewhere to deactivate selection
- Right click the track, and select 'Glued'
- Drag the track: it won't move, but it will connect if the track is within the tolerances (see Tools/Options/Tolerances)

As an alternative to nudging, you can also set the positions exactly by double clicking the endpoints and entering the coordinates.


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Yes, that achieves the same... thank you
You only stop learning when you die.
Sometimes I think I am dead.