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Foreign languages

Started by RhB_HJ, July 23, 2013, 09:53:39 PM

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Winter 66/67 I spent in Sweden working at a paper mill in Lilla Edet; sure wish I would have applied myself a bit more and acquired more of the language. My ex, at that time my girl friend, picked up more German than I did Swedish. Nowadays I'm reduced to reading Swedish (and Norwegian) crime fiction, but it is fun being able to pronounce whatever the authors insert in the text.

While the language skill was lagging I sure learned to do my own cooking. I wasn't kidding about the limited cuisine, but the most remarkable item could be bought at the "Kiosken" (Food and News stand at the main square). Korv och mus = sausage cooked on heated elements which turned the sausage, served on a bun together with mashed potatoes, lots of fried onions and oodles of mustard. All this on a rectangular cardboard plate. Oh man! ;D  ;D Not bad i.e. in my book better than poutine, but it sure took some getting used to.
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Imagine how much fun it was for me to be exposed to that. The year was 1961 and it was what tasted like the average American hotdog on mashed taters in a paper holder at a roadside stand.  Sans onions, good sausage, and mustard. I ate it, but I didn't go for seconds...
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