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"Autosave" and "Save" differences

Started by Tom Springer, October 04, 2013, 09:47:07 PM

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Tom Springer

If I open a layout and only change the 'zoom' scale (from 1:5 to 1:1, for example) and do nothing else, then after 10 mins Autosave doesn't save the file - as no real changes were made to the layout; good (imho).  But 'Save' thinks the layout has been changed ('Save' icon in quick access toolbar is highlighted) and I'm asked if I want to save it when I attempt to switch to another layout.

Is this the desired behavior?

Intuitively, I'd say that just changing the view (zoom) scale isn't changing the layout itself.

So what is the definition of 'changes' to a layout?  To me, it would be anything affecting content, not just the view.

If changing the view is a 'change' requiring a save, I can live with that - annoying at time, but liveable.
Tom Springer

(Unintentional Pyromaniac)


In fact there are two types of actions.

Some can be undone, such as moving track, and others can't such as changing the view scale or the grid size.
Still, the latter type is stored with the plan, and thus triggers the save.

Autosave only kicks in when changes of the 'undoable' type are made.
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