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can someone help with this

Started by bmzerkel, December 13, 2013, 07:15:18 PM

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This is HO with atlas code 100. I can't get it to connect right in the bottom loop and I'm trying to do it without flex track


greetings and welcome bmzerkel:
you do not have to use flex track to adjust the length of a straight section of track.
by adjusting the length (especially of diagonal piece) you can make it meet without any problems.
you just need to nip the rails to necessary length, cut them with an x-acto back saw, or a cutting disk on a dremel or like device.
it will mean removing plastic tie(s) and/or fitting one in between as the rail joiners will not slip on over the ties remaining once you cut the end to size.

also, it is always a good practice to place a piece of straight track between reversing curves to prevent derailments. that piece is normally as long as the longest locomotive or car that you will be running.

Gary L Lake Dillensnyder


Gary has dealt with the practical issue when building the layout.

To get your track plan to connect, go to  >settings >behavior  and turn off 'autoconnect'
Then disconnect one of the two short straights that is not  making a connection, move it out of the way and then put it back - you'll find that both ends now connect and complete the loop with your present tolerances (1/8" and 3deg).


I wonder if we can get David to make the Wiggle Fit an automatic function?
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