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Started by GKMan, December 14, 2013, 09:53:58 AM

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After 30 years away fro railway modelling I have returned and found AnyRail. So here is my progress so far. Comments please.


I like the simplicity but the 9" curves may produce headaches even on something this size
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Hi Paul
Thanks for the advice. I have modified the curves to 12" Radius at one side, any bigger is a no-no if I am to keep the current arrangement. I intend running 0-6-0 Shunters a 2-6-4T with 4 wheeled carriages and a DMU. The DMU will be used mainly on the Branch Line. What's your opinion regarding curve radius based on this latest info please??


   I do not have any experience with those models so I can't provide a good answer.
I am thinking that the 0-6-0 and the 2-6-4T may have problems going thru tight radii as the 6 driver wheels may cause it to lift off the track. There has been many discussions about this on TrainBoard so you might check there.
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Welcome to the forums! I felt that your basic concept was ok, but I tried out a few variations on it. One major thing was obvious to me: you really need to get away from Settrack and rely on flex. It isn't a lot more work and the results in improved looks will be an instant plus. Frankly, there's barely enough room on the layout to change your mind. Still, I've built a  layout in even less space, so don't give up on it :) .

I've included a pair of variations- the first is with only enough change the ease up curves and a few tiny things for ease of use. The second is with a little less Settrack and more curvy corners. I think I'll post what I would do with the space, given the things you want included. It just might take a little while- the wife has my time schedule in hand and her expression is not one one given to changes :)
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