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Code 55 Peco Track Library

Started by MBParcell, April 26, 2014, 03:50:50 PM

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@Mike: I'm not thinking of custom items, but more a library of predefined items you like to have handy all the time.

"Easy" refers to situations where you use AnyRail in multiple places and want to take your custom settings with you.

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How difficult is it going to be to have a "personal library" of track components?  We can already have a library of our own objects.

I'm thinking that one could select a component or a group of components, and then "Add to library", then choose an existing one or start a new one.  Each entry has ONE field for a description, which is entered by the user.  Or perhaps the default description (as it would show on the status bar) could be put in by AR, but be editable.  The components could be either standard items, such as a turnouts, or pieces of flex, or a combination.  One could even set up a set of curves of various combinations of radii, sort of flexible Setrack.  One could set a minimum radius, and make 45° and 90° pieces (or whatever), and then the same for the next and subsequent radii.

I can think of several combinations of Peco Setrack that I use frequently - being able to select one item instead of several would be handy.

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As always, I rely on my own ;library; files for stuff like that. I have a huge number of different track configurations and some self-generated buildings in the form of two .any files. It's not great, since you have to have two instances of AnyRail open, but like any kludge, it works.
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