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Version 3.12.0

Started by David, September 09, 2008, 02:31:28 PM

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This new version of AnyRail presents a few new things.

First, we've added a library for 0 gauge Lenz track. A missing turntable for Peco has been added as well.

The track library menu has been revised a little, and sorted per gauge. Then, another library menu has been added for non-track items, and items that do not really belong to a certain track system.

You'll find them in the 'Miscellaneous' menu. Currently, there's not much there yet, but you'll find some of Walthers Railroad Facilities there, such as the great turntables and roundhouses. Note that the roundhouses are slightly transparant to be able to see the track running in them!

Also, a first series of signals can be found there. For now, these are the DB (Deutsche Bahn) light signals as made by Viessmann. We'll add more on request.

Finally, the copy/paste actions have been added to the popup menus, making it a bit easier to use them.

Enjoy! And don't forget to post your comments on the forum.

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