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Enforced Holiday

Started by Nick the Cabin Boy, October 07, 2014, 04:28:16 AM

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It isn't just us old farts that need to be smarter, I sure wish that the considerably younger doctors would do the same and when a patient complains about being short of breath etc.etc. does what needs to be done i.e. send him/her for ALL the tests instead of telling them "Don't forget you're getting older". Been there done that and wasn't amused at all. Those who have been around since before 2011 will remember that I fired my family doctor on the next visit, once out of the hospital.
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Quote from: Mike from CT on October 07, 2014, 01:11:52 PM

Of course, the very best wishes for your recovery. But *quintuple* bypass? When you do something, you certainly do it in a biiiiiig way.  ARe you sure one room is going to be enough for a layout (unless that room is Sidney Opera Hall)? (Sorry, I don't know any large rooms in NZ).

Anyway, rest and get well quickly.

Better yet, ask him how he got the staff to allow him to put up a layout in a hospital room!
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Nick the Cabin Boy

Actually, of course, I wasn't allowed to build a layout, but I was able to use a laptop and mess about with AR.

Progress is steady on the recovery front, but I'm still restricted as to what I can do, for fear of tearing the staples out of my sternum.  "They" don't like it if you do that, as it's generally the sternum that tears rather then the staples!  And it's little things that get frustrating, like finding that I can't unplug something without having to use more force than I'm allowed, or thinking that I'll just have a five-minute snooze after supper and waking up at three in the morning!  Actually, establishing a sleeping pattern has been the hardest thing so far!

Fortunately I have a loving SWMBO, who encourages me to try harder, while making sure that I don't overdo it.

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Mike from CT

Glad to hear about the progress.

No smart-aleck comments to add this time.




I took it really easy after my aortic valve replacement, going through the "fun" once was enough for me. BTW your mileage may differ, but I heal the quickest with plenty of sleep and enough fresh air.
Keep at it!

PS On that sleeping pattern, I haven't managed to get back to my previous sleeping pattern, it's a drag! Waking up at 2 AM or thereabouts is now the norm; check on what's new on the fora, roll out the sleeping bag on the couch in the TV room, turn on the radio and listen to the overnight News Program (CBC) to fall back to sleep (BTW that's where the moniker "Snews" stems from).
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Win7Pro 64bit; 8 GB RAM; i5 2.67GHz; 1920x1080 22" display