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Download choices

Started by Nick the Nomad, February 20, 2015, 07:20:38 am

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Nick the Nomad

Would it be possible to have a dialogue box to allow for choice of scale etc when downloading UDOs?  As I only model/design in N, I'm not interested in any other scales, but have to take them all.

Alternatively, would AR have problems if I were to delete all the unwanted folders (assuming I could find them!!)?



Nick, AR doesn't seem to have a problem if you delete the ones you don't want, the only problem then is that every time you update them you have to go round and delete the unwanted ones all over again.
Since it only takes up a bit of disk space, which is usually insignificant in these days of large disks, it's hardly worth the effort.

I would support only downloading the wanted ones. The disk space is insignificant but the download time is not, so any facility to limit the transfer would be welcome.

Of course, if you then want to look at and comment on other people's designs at different scales, you may then have a problem. You can't have it all ways!

Nick the Nomad

While on the subject of UDOs, is there some way that a UDO can have a meaningful file name?  Or is it possible to rename them? Using part numbers or similar would, I suspect, make the display more logical.  I recently created two Metcalfe structures (PN120 and PN121) - the only difference between them is the colour of the ridge tiles, but one shows up near the top of the display, and the other near the bottom!  I made them different so that they show up separately in the materials list.


C.R. Wagus

What would be really useful would be the ability to scale a user object.  I model HO scale but find it very pleasant to create AR layouts in other scales for relaxation.  Sometimes I try to duplicate printed layouts from books and magazines and occasionally I create layouts in other scales for friends.  My HO object libraries contain more than 200 objects which I created for my use and which are not images of manufacturer's available products.  If I could scale one of these from HO to say N, it would save a great deal of time in recreating them from scratch.  On the other hand, the fun of creating them again, possibly with improvements would be gone.  I'm sooooo conflicted.