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UK semaphore signal library

Started by cypherus, June 30, 2016, 12:17:48 pm

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Been using anyrail for a number of projects this past few years both as a demo then a full set up and have always been impressed by it's ease of use.

The one thing that has always been a problem for me is the lack of a working library of signals, Uk types for the use of etc which would allow users to set up a working drawing of a layout with these positions shown as markers, I have found some european/us types listed but the lack of UK types slightly lets down the visual finesse of a project.....any takers?


Are the OO Hornby signals usable?
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Sorry for the delay in reply, Working in 'N' gauge, I did try them but they are way out of scale, think whats required here is a full suite of scaled signal symbols for all current uk signals and more important a way of latching them to the track so they maintain position if it's moved at all.