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September 19, 2019, 08:53:01 am


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Adjustable crossings.

Started by cypherus, June 30, 2016, 11:49:22 pm

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I am sure many people have already come across this problem when using AR, Crossings that simply will not fit the layout your trying to draw.

While there are numerous iterations of crossings included in the libraries, for those of us that build our own turnouts and crossings to fit any particular situation not having the ability to adjust the angles of a crossing can at times be very frustrating and at times I have have to resort to simply leaving an empty space.

Whats needed here is a white board were users can build a particular piece of track work to the correct dimensions and angles then save it to a library from which if can then be dragged into the plan as with all the other items.

For scratch builders this facility would be a great help in layout planning of prototypical locations.


I agree - an adjustable crossing would be good.

My theory would be to have a selectable angle, and four (north, east, south, west) individual leg lengths.

I don't build many turnouts, but do lots of crossings on modules. 

And, I may be dreaming, but having the north-south leg be curved (positive radius toward the east, negative radius for a westward curve).

Mike O'Dorney (eagerly awaiting version 7)