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Video problem

Started by Jeff, January 12, 2009, 10:39:29 PM

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I'm having random issues with track pieces. once in a while, half of a piece of track will disappear during a move. It stays gone until I shift the screen display scale. It's also more likely to happen if I'm moving multiple items or several track pieces that have been combined into a section.

This only started happening after version 3.20 was installed.

[Computer setup- Windows XP SP-3, AMD XP64 3400+, 1 GB RAM, nVidia FX5700-LE 256MB]
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Hi Peartree,

You are right. Unfortunately a version with this issue has been on line for a few hours.
We've done a bugfix in 3.20.3, and things should be OK in the latest 3.21.0 as well.

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