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scaling problem with object I built, please advise

Started by tommy-nscale, October 31, 2017, 11:12:57 PM

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I have created an object of the Walthers 933-3266 and uploaded it BUT...
In the original file it is 10 3/4" long.
When I past it into another file it doubles in size.
I have attached the original file I used to create it.
What did I do wrong.

Moderator, you may want to remove the object I created.

Mike from CT

I'm not sure.  I saved it as a local user object and imported it and it worked perfectly.  You sure you have same grid and unit of measure and you're not just misreading it??


I built it on the 12" square grid as you saw from the file I attached on this thread.
But when I copy and paste it onto a 2*4 layout, it is _really big_ But now that I look at it, it does appear to be sized correctly.
For some reason, I thought it would look smaller :)
Guess I need to fand a smaller shed for my trolley barn.