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50' HOn3 Turntable

Started by Old Guy, January 15, 2018, 04:13:16 pm

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Old Guy

This is a newbie question and has probably been asked before. Is there any way I can make a HOn3 50' turntable to use on my layout? I see on ones I put on the layout have endpoints.Can't find that on the menu bar.

Mike from CT

Unfortunately, you can't put custom track in the User objects library, but you can put a 50 foot diameter circle and any ancillary structures in the library and then use that, plus a separately added 50 foot section of flex track to accomplish the same result...

Old Guy

Thanks for the reply. I kinda figured that out, but how am I going to evenly space out the track going into the Roundhouse?

Nick the Nomad

Here's one idea, just off the top of my head!

1. Place the turntable where you want it, with the track joined to the lead-in track.
2. Disconnect the turntable track.
3. Rotate the turntable track however many degrees you need to.
4. Connect a short piece of track to each end of the TT track.
5. Glue the two new pieces.
6. Highlight TT track, and disconnect.
7. Repeat from 3 until you have the tracks you want.

The short pieces become the stub tracks supplied with the turntable, so make them the same length, then add straight track to suit your roundhouse.

Hope that helps!

Nick the Nomad
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Old Guy

I like that idea. I'll give it a try and repost my outcome.

Old Guy

Thanks Nick that worked out well.

Nick the Nomad

Glad to hear it!

Nick the Nomad