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Version 6.15

Started by David, May 14, 2018, 05:34:20 pm

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May 14, 2018, 05:34:20 pm Last Edit: May 14, 2018, 09:21:25 pm by David
Hi All!

This time, an update with several improvements and fixes.

- Performance should be a lot better. This can especially be noticed with large layouts.
- The rotation angle is displayed on the status bar whenever rotating an item.
- 3D lighting improved.
- Collada export improved. Textures are now available.
- Splash screen with version number! ( :) )

- Reverse loop finder fixed
- Status bar no longer disappears in some situations
- Weird slope percentages and strange looking turnouts in 3D view fixed

Have fun!

6.15.1 Solves an issue with the ruler not being redrawn correctly after modifying it
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.

The Track Planner

After updating to 6.15 objects do not react in the normal way, see attached picture (pic 1.jpg). Here's what happens;
- when I copy an object and paste it in a different location, everything seems normal
- as soon as I try to moved the object the outline box stays in it's original location and the "moved" object is no longer "active", i.e. if I click on it nothing happens
- have tried this with a number of different objects and the same thing happens
- maybe has something to do with the new rotation feature, since it has not been a problem heretofore


Thanks for the report. This should be solved in version 6.15.1 as well.
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.

The Track Planner

Appears to have solved the problem. Thanks for the really quick response!


Yes the #3 speed is a lot faster on a large layout. Thanks.

I do have one request. 
I like to keep the track and Layer menus as Unpinned, however when you go to3D view and back again the menus are now back to pinned.

Can that be put in the "To Do" list?
East Tennessee

Michel van den Hof

Hi all,

I'm in the process of finishing the design of my British N scale layout Llongwaith Junction.

The Fiddle Yard will get Fleischmann Piccolo straight and curved preballasted code 80 points and Peco code 80 flex track, both track that uses Flatbottom rail.

The scenic section will get British Finescale FiNetrax Bullhead code 40 track.
However, the track library does not yet contain the FiNetrax flex track of 500 mm length, only points, crossovers and diamond crossings.

can the FiNetrax code 40 flex track of 500 mm length be added, please?

To Wayne Kinney,
can you advice on cosmetic fishplates (to be used at every 60 scale feet, to mimic 60 ft track panels), as I can't find them on the http://www.britishfinescale.com/ website.



Hi David,

Yep most of the problems with the revers loop finder are solved.
But still have some revers loops it does not detect.

In the attached file is a part of my rail plan. In it are some issues met de revers loop finder.
Maybe it can help you to solve the last hik ups.

with regards

Niek Schouten


If multiple reverse loops share track, only the shortest variant is displayed.
This is on purpose, as otherwise often most track will be in a reverse loop.
So I think in this example, it is working as it should.

David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.


Oke thanks for the answer David.

Did not know that only the shortest revers loop was displayed

with regards

Niek Schouten