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design train table within workspace

Started by mstanco99, June 06, 2018, 10:42:43 pm

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please help a dummy   I need someone willing to call me and explain how to design a train table within a workspace grid..
this software  looks fantastic and I am new to trains as well I am in wheelchair so going out to find help I cannot do right now.
my email is mstanco@yahoo.com   I really need just a push in right direction so I can start planning my layout...thank you

Tom Springer

Are you trying to do just the surface the layout would be placed on, or the whole structure with whatever supports you would need?

For either, you'd have do use the surfaces by using the Insert tab and then building what you want.  My suggestion is that this be done in a separate layer, with a height for them below zero,

If you can provide more info about what type of construction you are considering, we can help with a design. And, of course, the general idea/configuration for your layout and the room/space availability/restrictions would be a bug help.

I once helped design a layout for a friend injured in a motorcycle accident and in a wheelchair; learned a few special considerations that were needed, especially regarding reaching all the parts of the layout, height, and even configuration considerations. Would be glad to share that info, if needed.
Tom Springer

(Unintentional Pyromaniac)

C.R. Wagus


Tom makes some good points and asks a few good questions.  Our local club once built a small layout for a Senior Citizens Center where many of the residents had special needs.  Height is certainly important.  Try placing your chair against several tables until you find a comfort zone.  When this height is determined, measure how far you can reach from your chair.  Your layout should be less that twice this comfortable reach in width.  Clearance for your chair is also of concern.  The legs or support for your layout will need to allow your chair to go under the table.  Some wheelchairs allow the arms to be removed to facilitate access under tables or counters.  More importantly there must be enough clearance around your platform to allow your chair to move without hitting the walls.  In a small room, a "U" shaped or "L" shaped platform may work best.  You may already be aware of these issues but they were helpful for the layout our club built.  I once had the privilege of helping to develop the handicap guidelines required by the Americans With Disabilities legislation.  We determined that with proper design, access can be achieved by careful planning.

Good luck with your planning.  You will find AnyRail very helpful.  Model railroading is a great hobby and can provide many hours of enjoyment.