T-TRAK-Z Demo Plan
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To promote T-TRAK-Z modular railroading I have put together a Z-Scale layout plan consisting of 8 modules that will fit on a standard 30 inch by 72 inch banquet table.  The modules that comprise this layout are 4 standard corners and 4 double modules.  The corner modules are based on the 220/195mm curved radii track.

Since events/shows are primarily about running trains and less about operations, I wanted something simple yet have a visual impact.  Another point that was considered was the efficient use of track when purchasing your track.  When designing a layout, one often tries to get as much track into a given space and visions of a “grand empire” emerges.  You tend to forget about those extra pieces that are going to be left over.

For this track plan Rokuhan has made it simple.  We start out with their R062 Rail set C Double track oval set.  This set consists of:
•   Curved track R195 45deg x 8pcs
•   Curved track R220 45deg x 8pcs
•   Straight track 220mm x 4pcs
•   Straight track 110mm x 6pcs (including 2pcs of trimmed track)
•   Remote turnout 110mm right hand x 2pcs
•   Rerailer x 1pc

We end up with an oval that is approximately 460mm (18 inches) x 900mm (36 inches) in size.  This is very manageable and with a Rokuhan RC-02 controller you are up and running your train in no time at all.

Now comes the fun part, easily expanding your “little empire”.  With the R062 oval set Rokuhan provides some expansion possibilities with the set and diagrams of the layout and what you would need to purchase.  With track planning software e.g. AnyRail™ you just draw up your R062 double track oval and then start plugging in whatever option you are going to choose.  It is very simple to do.

For my plan I chose to utilize option 3 in the literature Rokuhan supplies and utilizing  two sets of the R047 Rail set B Siding set.  In addition, you will have to purchase 2 packages of their 220mm straight pieces.  They are supplied in packages of 4 pieces.  You will only utilize 6 of those pieces.

Remember earlier I mentioned efficient utilization of the track you purchase.  With the purchase of the R062,  2  of the rail set B’s and 2 packages of the straights once assembled you only have 2 pieces left over, 2 straight pieces.  That in my mind is efficient use of the track you purchase.

As you can see in the plan I now have taken a simple 2 track oval and expanded it with 2 sidings.  We now have an oval that is approximately 1350mm (53.14 inches) by 490mm (19.29 inches).  In the first image you have the R062 set that actually will fit on 4 corners and 2 doubles.  In the second image the tracks in black are the pieces in the Rail Set B.  The blue track represents the extra 220mm straight pieces you have to buy.  In image 3 you can see the beginnings of the vision I have for this plan, an agricultural theme.

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