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February 20, 2020, 03:55:42 am


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Peco Yard and radius files

Started by Wayne, July 10, 2019, 08:42:45 pm

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Somewhere I found at one time,  .any files of Peco track  (not the stock library ones). They were called "peco-streamline-code100-1.any", "peco-streamline-code100-3.any", "peco-streamline-code83-1.any", "peco-streamline-code83-2.any" . These were files of various yard and radius plans. If anyone knows where they are I would appreciate the link. Seems that I have misplaced them ...or deleted them. Thank you in advance.


Wayne, I have a copy of the code100-3.any (attached) but not the others. Maybe this will jog somebody else's memory. Seems to date from 2014.Cheers.


If you go here:

You can click through to (geometry) examples of some of the track systems. The Peco Streamline Code 100 can be found here as well.
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C.R. Wagus


I created these files some time ago.  David was kind enough to put the files under Examples on the website.  Enjoy!