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Automatic Libraries

Started by The Track Planner, April 21, 2022, 02:36:22 PM

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The Track Planner

Hi David,

Here's a new wish list element... would it or is it currently possible when I open, e.g., load a track plan, to have it automatically open the libraries I last had open when I was working on that speicifc file/plan?

As a professional design, I'm always working on multiple plans, currently eight, in various stages of development, it would be nice when I switch from one AnyRail file to another, for the program to load the last used libraries for that specific file/plan. This would be very helpful, when flipping back and forth between N scale and HO scale projects.

Currently, I have to make sure and click on the "Open Used Libraries" tab, when I repopen a file/plan. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks,  Bill Beranek The Track Planner