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Grouping Layers

Started by The Track Planner, July 31, 2019, 05:02:51 AM

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Nick the Cabin Boy

No, Charles, you're not missing something, I am!

I had never noticed that "switch"!

But checking gave me the chance to check what was possible, and what I hoped was possible, isn't! I have drawn up a document which tells me all the (colour-coded) wiring connections that have to be made on my proposed layout. I have been drawing all the wires, as 1mm lines, to test the corectness of my document. I use 8 colours (because my local electronics store sells them as a pack of 8), and I wanted to work out how much of each colour I actually need. I thought that by putting each colour wire in its own layer, I could simply display a layer, Select All, and I would see the total length on the status bar. Nope!

So if I really want to know how much I need, I'll probably have to put that part of the document into Excel, and add a column.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi David, Is there any development in improving the layer functionality as excellently described in this thread previously?

Anyrail is a joy to use and a very powerful program for creating smooth trackwork, but as far as I can tell, currently the inability to organise layers into sets + sub sets is extremely time consuming and a disadvantage of using the software.

My layout designs are also often 50+ layers through necessity, and when it comes to printing off a drawing package, of say 20 printed drawings, it can be extremely time consuming to get the correct combination of layers for each print. I too organise layers manually by names, and have also resorted to taking a screen shot of the layer combinations for each drawing for future reference! Throughout the course of a project, tweaks and reiterations inevitably occur as the project develops, so drawings have to be re-printed and the long laborious process of organising the layer combinations has to be gone through multiple times.

If layer sets, or as you yourself mentioned "views" of different layers and other drawing properties such as trace and part numbers etc could be remembered for each print or sheet, it would be a massive game changer. Your idea of saving "views" or "sheets" is particularly appealing to me as I have used this method in AutoCad and equivalent freeware such as DraftSight for the last 20 years - it's extremely effective and quick, and each sheet only has to be set up once. So long as the user is rigorous with their use of layers, every change will automatically update in every "view / sheet".

This may be asking too much of AnyRail, but any improvements into the functionality of layers will be extremely well received. Many thanks for the continued development of this brilliant program.


It's on the list for the next major release.
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Hi David and thanks very much for replying, this is great, GREAT, GREAT NEWS!   ;D  Any chance of a very rough ETA?


Quote from: David on April 25, 2022, 12:11:17 PMIt's on the list for the next major release.
Me: Grins in hopeful anticipation...