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Creating a 3D object in TinkerCad

Started by Tom Springer, November 27, 2019, 10:43:38 PM

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Tom Springer

Previously David has mentioned in the forum that should AnyRail support 3D objects in the future it might do so using STL ("stereolithography") files.  While many users might be willing to learn to use one of the various CAD programs to create STL files, from other model railroad forums discussing 3D objects and CAD programs, I've learned many modelers are not "engineering-types" and don't want to learn, or are deeply afraid of, CAD programs and their complexity.  Consequently, in another thread in the forum  (,3090.msg22099.html#msg22099) I mentioned that I was willing to provide a write-up on how to use Autodesk's TinkerCAD web-based platform for non-engineer types to make 3D objects using a simplified 'building block' approach and avoid learning CAD languages. (TinkerCAD was built for "kids" to learn 3D, so it should work for those of us who are kids doing model railroading...)

Having a lot of downtime, I had a chance to make this write-up and have attached it as a PDF file; it's 38 pages with 90 'images', so it's a large file.

It is my attempt to guide someone through the steps of using TinkerCad to create this simple Walthers structure (933-3230, N scale version), the "Co-Op Storage Shed"

I hope this is of value to someone someday.

And just in case one thinks that you need a 'real CAD' program to truly build a 3D object/model, these images show some of what I've done via TinkerCAD.

Tom Springer

(Unintentional Pyromaniac)